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Praise to the Water (feat. MC Save The Whales)

by DinoCats

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A prayer for the waters of our world: may we keep them clean.
Free release, please share it water protectors...


Praise to the water, praise to the sea,
Praise to the roaring river, praise to the deep

Born from the water, our mother's womb,
like a budding lotus flower, we grow and bloom,
we grow and bloom

Praise to the water, praise to the sea,
Praise to the roaring river, praise to the deep

I dive into the water, everywhere i go
wash away my pain and sorrow
purify my soul, my soul
my soul, my soul...

shout out to our sisters and our brothers
all around the world fighting to protect clean water

water is the blood of the earth and the sky
it's the reason we're alive and the reason that we'll die
it's the tears that we cry and the thoughts that we think
in the blink on an eye now it's running down the sink
on the brink of extinction together we must link
with the judges in the courtroom and the hippies wearing pink
to the ones that came before us and the forests that provide
fish in the river and the rising of the tides

seven generations, I can hear the cries
through the bloody hands of politicians and their treaty lies
growing wise to their ways, stronger every day
standing tall on the rock while we fighting for the waves
as they crash on the shore, there's a war on our streams
there's a war on our children, and a war on their dreams
led by corporations only after paper trees
waged against the mountains and the rivers and the seas

oil spilling in the water where our grand-daughters swim
fish with seven eyes and only half their fins
walking over pins and needles something's gotta change
cuz the acid in the rain got me feeling really strange
now the stage is set, stand up for clean water
let's all get wet!
stand up for the world, stand up for the future
cuz together we're the cure

Praise to the water, praise to the sea,
Praise to the roaring river, praise to the deep

The earth is our body, the water's our blood
We are all connected, so, give all your love, give all your love
Protect the rivers, restore the streams
Heal the oceans, keep them clean,
let's keep them clean,
let's keep them clean,
let's keep them clean


released February 16, 2017
Dustin Quasar - production, bass, rhythm guitar, co-write
Mira Malcolm - lead vocals, co-write
MC Save The Whales - rap vocals, co-write
Yossi Rouch - lead guitar
Glenn Welman - drums
Jonny Goode - mixing, mastering
Lindsay Luz - cover art photography
Fabien Belcourt - cover art photography
Bob Stovern - cover art design




DinoCats Vancouver, British Columbia

DinoCats is a socially-aware nature-lovin' alt-folk-rock band from Vancouver, BC, Cascadia.

"Silly yet profound"

Dustin Quasar has a penchant for writing catchy songs about socially conscious themes.

Mira Malcolm's voice brings a depth of spirit, soul and youthful sparkle.

Yossi Rouch's sizzling electric guitar adds psychedelic thunder.
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